Recently I was asked to do a review of a game that I played and since I couldn’t find any review of Caretaker Sacrifice online, I decided to do it. So without further due, here it is.

Caretaker Sacrifice

Is there hope?

Caretaker Sacrifice is a game where you investigate the reasons that lead the universe to an end. In a distant future where the stars are gone and everything known to mankind is gone, only you are left to uncover the truth about what has happened whilst trying to survive inside an alien structure.

A game by Byron Attkinson-Jones, @xiotex, narrated by David Hewlett (Stargate), Caretaker Sacrifice is a very interesting game so dont be fooled by its “Early Access” tag on Steam. It uses 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom), which allows you to move in every possible direction front/back, up/down, left/right, row, pitch and yaw. If you played Descent in 1995 (you can get it also on Steam) you know what I am talking about.

When I started playing Caretaker Sacrifice, a warm nostalgic feeling came to my head and made me remember the many hours I spent playing Descent with my friends on the early days of Lan Parties. But this feeling was followed by apprehension and fear.

Yes, Caretaker Sacrifice gave me the creeps, and even nightmares a couple nights ago. “Damn you space urchins!” Few games have got me so hooked is such a short period of time. The controls are clear, the sound is involving and the graphics are spot on making the game even better. It is hard to let go of it before reaching the end. Part because it is still being made but mainly because of how well made it is. And with new levels every week, soon it will last long enough for a pleasant evening of gaming.

The world of Caretaker Sacrifice

What world would you ask? In the end there is only this alien spaceship and the puzzles that you need to solve in order to uncover what happened to the universe. The Sci-fi atmosphere and the sense of solitude are borderline terrifying. And the perfect combination of sound and graphics make you believe that you are really inside a monolithic structure that put an end to everything.

The world of Caretaker Sacrifice

The controls

Choose your weapon, gamepad or mouse and keyboard and with the virtual reality working spotlessly, without the glitches and bugs commonly seen on some of the early access games, they let you enjoy Caretaker Sacrifice in its fullness. And if you die… well it is your fault ;). Use the Radar Pulse (space or B) to locate the portals and other objects that you need to interact with to reach the next level and unfold the mystery of the end of the universe.

Virtual Reality

When I was at EGX/Rezzed in April/16 I had the chance of playing Caretaker Sacrifice using a Oculus Rift and it was awesome. The game uses virtual reality superbly, which makes you 100% immersed in it. Something that other VR titles that I also had a chance to experiment there didn’t do properly.


Virtual Reality support; 6DoF movement; controls; sound; support via Twitter; and David Hewlett narrating it.


The game is short; because it is still on early access you can find some bugs here and there; English might be a hurdle if you don’t understand it.

Tech Specs

Steam (PC, Mac) get it here:
Developer: Xiotec Studios Ltd.


In case you are wondering, I didn’t get the job. But that is another story.