Today I was given the opportunity to try 3 great pens and 2 lovely notebooks. This will also be the beginning of my fountain pens, inks and notebooks blogging.

I have to thank Robert Smith for lending me the pens and gifting me the notebooks. Thanks mate, you are ace!

The Pen

All pens are Franklin- Christoph, and this review is of the Model 02 in Emerald Green with a Masuyama Needlepoint nib. I inked it with Montblanc Irish Green to match the colour and gave it a spin. The pen is superb. its construction and the beauty of translucent green body made me write with it until 1am last night. The grip is perfect as I imagined and the balance of the pen is spot on either capped or uncapped. Some people might think it is a bit back heavy if they start to use the pen unposted and then post but to me it was great either way. So don’t worry and post the pen if you want because it won’t feel imbalanced.

The Nib

What can I say about this nib? I love it!
It is by far the smoothest Ultra Extra-Fine (UEF) nib I tried. It says needlepoint but in some papers it might feel like a Japanese Extra-Fine (EF) nib but if feels like writting with a quality pencil well sharpened not like writting with a nail like my Pilot Vanishing Point EF nib was.


If you have the chance, get one. I love it and soon I’ll have mine.

Thank you very much Robert for lending me this lovelly pen.




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