Happiness is a state of mind

Yes it is.Happiness is a state of mind and I am very happy at the moment. My son doesn’t need antibiotics anymore after having to have them since he was 3 weeks old. Now he [...]

Quick update about my game

After a long and not so cold winter, I’m writting a bit more about the game I’m making as my final project. I decided to make the miner game and called it “A Miner Set [...]

Baker wars

You just got your diploma from the International School of Bakers and got a job on the coolest bakery in town. But there is a problem, you ar so much better than the other bakers [...]

Minecart (working title)

You are on a mine digging for gold when suddenly something happens. You run towards your mine cart and jump on it. On Minecart, you have to help the miner and his mine cart to reach [...]

One year game

So this year at Futureworks we have to make a game. The year will be divided on three phases. Pre-production, production, post-production and they will comprehend a certain amount of time. Pre-production will run from 22/09 to 3/11. [...]

Third Tech Demo

After a long and cold winter, here is an update on the 3rd Tech Demo. My initial idea of making a classic RPG was proposed to the group and everybody was down to it. Whestie, [...]

Hello old friend

Well last friday an old friend joined me again.After spending a couple years with my mother-in-law, my old 2009 MBP returns to me.I had to fix it before being able to use it again but [...]

New Years resolution

So on New Years Day I decided that I’ll create a pitch document every month of 2014 as an exercise. I’ll create a new game concept, concept art and character design. I’ll post everything here [...]