During January we made a game in college. It was a huge group since only Frank wasn’t on our team (he went solo).
I’ve learned a lot of things specially about my classmates.
I learned once again that planning is key to sucess and because we started planning the game 2 months before actually starting, in the end some of us got bored of the theme and the genre. So focus is also very important.

I heard that some will never play Temple Run again because of this game :D.

The game inicial idea was to make an infinite runner because it would be easyer to make a running game in a month. Then it evolved to a level based runner so we could split the design with all the designers. At first, the main character would be a knight running from a dragon that was chasing him after he attempted to rescue the princess from his castle. The knight became a mage because we wanted to introduce more mechanics in to the game like an ice wall to slow down the dragon.

After a month of work, this is what we have to show:

The Sorcerer of the Sombrero (working title)