After my the last post about it, there has been a lot of iterations on the game.

Here is a build of the game.

There is a lot of stuff to be done in the game.
We still dont have a name jeez…

Currently I’m working on the enemies attack.
Then I need to convert the enemies to prefabs, then populate a list of enemies an render the elements on its right location.
By doing that it will fix the order of deleting the enemies bug.
After that I’ll fix the clock.
Then animations.
Then gradually increase the difficulty of the enemies.
Then change scenes.
Then add the random inputs to the button mashing.

Some stuff are definitivelly not going to be ready for the hand in on the 31st.
But we have the option to carry on develloping the game next year and make an awesome rpg.

UPDATE – How to play sorta

E – Select

Q – Cancel

UP and Down to navigate between characters and menus.


Thanks for reading and playing.