After a long and cold winter, here is an update on the 3rd Tech Demo.

My initial idea of making a classic RPG was proposed to the group and everybody was down to it. Whestie, our former member didn’t liked the idea of a 2D game because he wanted to test his 3D skills.

After a couple sessions of brainstorming, we came up with our core mechanic and our game changed slightly to a combat style RPG.

The Core Mechanic
The core mechanic of our game is time.
There is a timer that rule the player actions. So the player has a certain ammount of time to decide what he will do before he loses its turn.
We like the idea but it wasn’t to exiting until we came up with the idea of having the player to press a certain ammount of inputs to preform its actions.
For example if the player wants to cast a fireball, he would have to press a sequence of 4 buttons on the gamepad.
That was a good idea but we wanted more because if the inputs where fixed, the player would memorise them and time would not be an issue anymore. Remember, time rules our game!
So we decided that we would show the quantity of inputs needed to perform an action by the name of the action but we would randomise them every time. Then the player would not be able to memorise them and the game would be more frantic.

Alongside with it we decided that if the player matched the correct inputs he would have an option of increasing the dificulty of the action by increasing the number of inputs and that would increase its effec as well.

he Team
The initial team was Me, Aaron, Chris and Joe. But Joe left to work with Frank because he wanted to do 3D work, good luck mate 🙂
We are now team: Two and A Half Developers

Now it the team is:
bemed: Programmer, Designer
Aaron: Enviroment Artist, Designer
Chris: Character Artist, Designer

The Tech Demo
We decided to go for the Viking theme and we have two main characters Edinn and Slugg. That will fight some weird monsters.